Create Link

7/20/2010 8:14 AM
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This call creates a link, of course.



Parameters in bold are required

apiKeyThe api key provided to you on the developer screen (
urlThe destination url
formatjson* or pipe
charityIdOptional charity id as retrieved by the list charity API.
longUrlPLEASE set to "1" to indicate that a really short url isn't needed.
Sample use would be when redirecting the user from their current url to the same
url through a converted link (to get current page cashback/donation) like our Chrome extension does.
usernameUsername of the user creating the link
userApiKeyA 5 digit code that the user must retrieve from the member account section.  
Required if username is provided.


inNetworktrue or false, indicating if the link created is in network or not
urlThe shortened url
payoutThe pretty payout description
charityBoostThe amount extra that will be earned if a charity is used